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    Character Backstories Empty Character Backstories

    Post  Celesarn on Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:16 pm

    Here you will post your character's backstory. Basic background, motive, personality, etc. should be included here. Remember not everything has to be included; I should probably know more about your character than the rest of the players, and you should know far more about your character than I ever will.

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    Post  Shojaux on Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:51 pm

    Shojaux Nightbreeze, decendent of the famous druid Aramil Nailo, hails from a small village of half-elves. This village is virtually unknown to the outside world, and vise-versa. Shojaux left home at the age of 12 to search for one who could teach him the way of the sword as well as instruct him in the mysteries of the magical arts. Hearing a rumor from a very, VERY, lost traveler, he set of to find those known as "Duskblades".

    After searching for 2 long years, he finally heard news of an old half-orc who lived alone deep in the woods. Hearing the rumor that he had once been a great slayer of dragons Shojaux went off to find him. Find him he did, in an old but sturdy cabbin that doubled as a forge. Shojaux was able to convince this dragon-slayer, named Loc, to teach him the ways of the Duskblade.

    After years of training, as both a warrior and a bow-maker, Loc announced that he would teach Shojaux no more, until Shojaux had journeyed far and wide on quests for knowledge. Now, with only a hand-crafted bow, his master's sword, a waterskin and some magic armor created by his master, he set off to seek new stores of knowledge. After a brief visit to his home vilage, and a loving reunion with his large family, he set off into the world.

    Little did he know, that the world was not as peaceful as he thought...

    A few days after he left his village, whilst hopelessly lost in unfamiliar woods, he ran into a man. This man kindly struck up a conversation with Shojaux. He seamed completely friendly, that is, until Shojaux mentioned being a half-elf. Without warning, several men burst from the woods and attacked Shojaux. After taking his gear and knocking him out, they took him captive. He is just now waking to an unfriendly world.

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    Post  silacier on Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:47 pm

    Sunathaer was born to a high class family. But due to an unfortunate accident when he was 10 both of his parents died. After their death he went into the woods and after most of a day's travel he ran into some lizard-like humanoids. As they closed in columns of flame descended on them and he blacked out.

    His savior gave him sanctuary for the next 8 years and trained him in the faith of Tamara. Once his training was done she sent him away so he could learn of the world and help those in need.

    After traveling in a random directions he came across a helpless family being attacked by soldiers. After jumping in to try and save them he realized he had missed some solders who had been sitting back laughing he was quickly outnumbered and taken captive.

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    Post  Carusco on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:48 am

    Hehtarusco Naïlo was born in a small village to a well-off family. Her father, Thamior Naïlo, was an adventurer, and a rather powerful fighter. Hehta never saw much of her father, but when his fellow adventurer and friend came back with the news that he was dead, Hehtarusco was devastated.
    Hehta and her little sister, Antinua, both had an ambition: They wanted to become great fighters and travel the world on adventures. They 'trained' together as children to become stronger.
    Shortly before Hehta reached adulthood, her mother, who was the main supporter of the family, became ill and died. Hehta took as many jobs as she could to support herself and Anti, but she never quit training herself to be a better fighter.
    One day, Antinua went into the woods near their home, and she didn't come back. She was never found, and is assumed dead.
    Hehtarusco is kind, but usually somewhat distracted. She has the tendency to trail off when speaking to others, and sometimes is caught talking to herself or staring off into space.
    Hehtarusco is now part of the army, and is on a mission with Ladiel Gimhori and a human paladin when the adventure begins.

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    Character Backstories Empty Gorik Campbell

    Post  Samwisegaffer on Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:44 pm

    Gorik was born in a decent sized town to a reasonably wealthy family. His parents earned enough for him to attend school and pay for music lessons. Gorik enjoyed playing the lute as a young boy and practiced enough to become quite good at the art. In the meantime, he learned great ammounts about the history and current events of the kingdom. Many stories fascinated Gorik, especially the legends of the elves. In his interest, he read many elven books and learned their language as a second.

    Through his years at the acadamy, Gorik began to realize that music and storytelling was his strongpoint. He was by no means strong, athletic, or powerful and only did averagely in his classes. Ultimately, his colleagues enjoyed his wits and skills. Now that his days as a student are behind him, he seeks to become as a bard, journeying the land and creating the legends that he had revered so much as a child. However, in recent years, things have been changing. First the halfling enslavement, and then the orcs began to disappear. Gorik took notice of the oppression, but ultimately, it was not his affair. Indeed as people in his town began to form groups in order to root out any remaining of the rogue races, Gorik decided to join up. He figured the soldiers could use an entertainer to keep up morale and he might actually get to see elves. His town was almost all human, without any elves whatsoever. It was more the curiosity than the chance of glory that drove Gorik to help capture those of the supposed "lesser races."

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    Post  Arandur on Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:54 pm

    I, Aedl Foxe, am a half-elf raised by two half-elven parents living in GreyHawk. When First Genocide hit, my parents decided to stay in the city and try to form a movement against the oppression, sending me, being young, to flee the nation with my mother's cousin. My parents efforts were fruitless, and they died in the Second Genocide. When the Templar ban hit, though, I was kicked out of the house of my relatives for fear that they would come under investigation for housing a hybrid. So, alone again, I took to the forest, where the druidic spirits gave me the means to accomplish my goals. That's really all you need to know about me at this point.

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